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TGAC specialises in the fabrication of fire-rated glass & framing products with experience in
testing, innovation and providing a wide range of solutions to meet architectural needs and international standards.

Our RP Technik Hermetic Fire Systems offer a wide range of solutions with top-of-the-line fire-rated components, including fire-proof anchors, stainless steel clamping/glass holders, and fire-retardant silicone gaskets, to prevent the entry of fire, smoke, and heat radiation. All solutions are interior installed with Pilkington Pyrostop Multilayered Integrity & Insulation (EI) Glass.

Steel & Aluminium Frame Systems


Fire Facade Testing

All TGAC Fire Rated Doors and Windows are tested to comply with international fire security standards according to each project's specifications and requirements.  

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TGAC Fire Rated Test.001.png
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TGAC Fire Rated Test.002.png

Fire Endurance

Fire-rated doors are subjected to endurance testing where the specimen is exposed to the extreme heat of up to 1925°F for the maximum 180-minute rating. If the door remains in the frame with no through openings and limits flames, it is certified with an endurance rating of either 180/90/60/45/20 minutes.

Temperature Rise

In certain applications, fire doors are also required to limit the transmission of heat from one side to the other to protect building occupants so they can safely exit the building. Known as temperature rise doors, these doors carry a temperature-rise rating in addition to the hourly rating. Temperature rise ratings are either 250°F, 450°F or 650°F, indicating the maximum rise above ambient temperature on the non-fire side measured during the first 30 minutes of a standard fire endurance test. A 250°F temperature rise rating is considered to be the most stringent, and would meet the requirements of a specification requiring 450°F or 650°F.

Smoke & Draft Control

Some fire-rated doors, such as 20-minute doors in fire-resistance-rated corridors or smoke barriers, may also require testing for smoke infiltration under UL 1784, Standard for Air Leakage Tests of Door Assemblies and Other Opening Protectives.

Glazing in Fire-Rated Doors

Today’s fire-rated doors frequently incorporate glazing to enable vision and transparency that maximise natural or shared lighting as well as provide additional security to areas that would be otherwise closed off. Large vision panels in fire doors also provide important safety functions. During a fire, first responders are able to see inside the room and visually assess the situation, enabling them to be more effective.