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For more than 30 years, TGAC has provided facade contracting services that have built its reputation as a quality facade industry supplier for many of the region's iconic buildings. A dependable supplier for all aluminium and glass facade requirements from design to installation. 

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Complete facade design services to ensure the right system for each application. We work closely with each client or consultant to provide the most cost-efficient design solutions

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Our in-house qualified engineering team provides structural oversight for all our facade installations, providing facade design calculations for complex project application.

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Our facade fabrication facilities are equipped for the fabrication of all facade window requirements, from complex unitised systems to  standard window & door fabrication.

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Facade installation that gets the job done right, first time, and on time. We work closely with the site's project management to ensure premium sub-contract coordination.  


TGAC gets the job done with professional support from the very start of the project to the end. TGAC makes my Project Management job so much easier

Nothing is too difficult for the TGAC team. The challenge of complex project design is met with precision and commitment to ensure perfection  

It's always a pleasure to have TGAC working on our projects - they just get the job done. If there is a problem it gets addressed immediately with care and support from the entire company


Unitised Curtain Wall System

Installation of bespoke unitised curtain wall systems. TGAC is a certified fabricator for most of the world's leading systems providers, incorporating:

  • Full Glass Panels

  • Glass with Aluminium

  • Glass with GRC

  • Glass with GRC with Lighting

  • Glass with Stone

  • Perforated Sun Screens

Stick Curtain Wall System

We support our clients from A to Z by offering a variety of Stick Curtain Wall Systems designed to bring the realisation of the architect's vision.

  • 4-way capped – Stick Curtain Wall

  • 2-way structural glazing – Stick Curtain Wall

  • 4-way structurally glazed – Stick Curtain Wall

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Windows & Doors

We provide a range of Doors and Windows Systems that meet the performance criteria of our clients. All systems have been tested and certified by international and locally recognised testing laboratories:

  • Hinged Doors & Windows

  • Lift & Slide Door

  • Slim Sliding System Doors

  • Automatic Sliding Doors

  • Automatic Hinged Doors

  • Automatic Revolving Doors

Fixed & Retractable Skylights

We provide coordinated design, manufacture, and installation service for structurally sound architectural skylights in a range of styles, materials, and systems.

  • Fixed & Retractable Skylight

  • Aluminum

  • Stainless Steel

  • Steel

Need Technical

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Point Fixed Glazing

We design and produce Point Fixed Glazing for external and internal façades, or interior partitions.


All types of cladding, exterior, and interior, maintaining compliance with fire and life safety code of practice.

  • Perforated & Solid Aluminium

  • Honeycomb Composite Aluminium

  • Aluminium Composite Fire-Rated

  • Porcelain Enamel

  • Natural & manmade StoneWood

  • Specialised Acoustic

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Railing and Fence

We supply balustrades, railings, and fences in glass, aluminium, or stainless steel:

  • Aluminum Handrail

  • Glass Handrail

  • Stainless Steel Handrails

  • Composite Handrail including Wood/Glass/Stainless Steel

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  • Fire-Rated Partitions

  • Linear Glazing

  • Steel Framing

  • Ceramic Frit Partitions

  • Frameless Partitions

  • Aluminum – Wood Partitions

  • Switchable Glass Partitions

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Designed, fabricated, and installed architectural Canopies for all projects - hotels, residential, commercial, hospitals, and shopping malls.

  • Canopies with Cladding

  • Canopies with Stainless Steel

  • Canopies with Wood

  • Canopies with Louvers

  • Glass Canopies

  • Miscellaneous Canopies

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